Our world changes mercilessly through us. For the most part, this is due to the fashion industry, such as leather production. Most of this takes place in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. Leather with a total value of around 50 million dollars is produced there annually and exported all over the world. There are around 150 tanneries in Dhaka that use toxic chemicals to tan the leather from cows. The chemicals get through sewer pipes into the rivers and thus also into the seas, where they are later ingested by fish and other living things. Under certain circumstances, these organisms will then die out, because there are no environmental regulations in Bangladesh. The rivers are completely contaminated so that animals cannot find a habitat here. Workers have to breathe the toxic gases from the chemicals and develop cancer and other diseases in their later years.

Our environment suffers the most from this.

The cows are bought from India and secretly smuggled into Bangladesh via smuggling routes because the cow is sacred in India and it is not allowed to be slaughtered there. In addition, the cow is cheaper in India than elsewhere.

The weak cows, which can no longer walk during the 2,000 km long transport, are beaten and their eyes are rubbed with chilli and tobacco so that they keep walking out of pain.

What do we do about it?

We produce vegan leather products that are sold as a luxury brand. We talk about this openly and tell our customers exactly where our products come from and who processes them, so that the customer knows everything and can follow the path of the goods. Our path of persecution is relatively simple and straightforward. In addition, we use products that are ecological and completely environmentally friendly, and internally we also pay very strict attention to ensuring that everything is very environmentally friendly.

What you can count on with us.

We make every effort to work as sustainably and environmentally friendly as possible, but we also don’t want to withhold a special product from you. So there is a lot of work and planning behind it all.

With us you will never receive products or gifts that are packed with plastic or made with plastic. Our goods are very well packaged and find their peace in special cotton bags. These bags are then also suitable for your private household to store all items.

We do not use any filling material and if it happens that we have to use filling material, we use corn flakes, this is semolina made from corn that is blown into packaging flakes with air. Also made in Germany.

As you can see, we work very ecologically and sustainably, when we say that we sell sustainable products and that our products are also sustainable, we mean it. Because for us it is important internally and externally to take responsibility for it.

Who is our producer?

Our accessories are all sewn in Slovakia. We generally refrain from producing in India or other Asian countries because we know all the conditions there.

That is why we have basically decided to produce in Slovakia.

Where does our leather come from and what is it made of?

Our vegan leather comes from Mexico.

Mexico: We source the relatively new cactus leather from Mexico. This consists of normal cactus plants. The cactus plants grow in Mexico and are then harvested. The whole plant is used. This is mashed with a chopper and the mashed is then dried in the sun. Next, the dried powder is ground to a fine powder and mixed again with water, after which it is spread very thinly on a cotton cloth and dried in the oven. Cactus is very suitable for this because it uses very little water and it also grows all over Mexico.

Our leather is certified by the manufacturer to show that it is 100% vegan and sustainably produced. Also absolutely no chemicals were used.

Where does our soft inner lining come from?

Our soft inner lining comes from the Netherlands.

Netherlands: Our soft and hard-wearing inner lining, which consists of 50% bamboo & 50% cotton, comes from our neighboring country, the Netherlands.

We chose this fabric because bamboo is a very sustainable plant.

Bamboo grows faster than wood and also has more robust fibers. These fibers make the inner lining of the bags very soft and durable.

Do not support animal suffering and do something good for our future.